A Special Outreach Concert and Conversation:

Prepare for an intimate evening of chamber music and conversation when the Scarborough Philharmonic welcomes a visiting quartet of musicians from the famed Philadelphia Orchestra to share the stage with  ensemble-in-residence, the Odin Quartet and friends.  On the program will be contemporary Canadian and American compositions for chamber ensemble and some classical favorites.  Later, join us for a conversation moderated by our own Ronald Royer, as musicians and composers discuss exciting new developments as well as challenges in classical music on both sides of the border.

This free public program is brought to you through a collaboration between, The Consulate of the United States of America, The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra.

Philadelphia Orchestra String Quartet: Marc Rovetti, Assistant Concertmaster, Daniel Han, Violin, Marvin Moon, Viola, Priscilla Lee, Associate Principal Cello

Odin Quartet:  Alex Toskov, Violin, Tanya Charles Iveniuk, Violin, Matt Antal, Viola, Samuel Bisson, Cello

Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players:  Kaye Royer, Clarinet, Tiffany Yeung, Violin, Jacob Clewell, Viola, Chris Hwang, Cello

Combined Chamber Ensemble: also includes Ronald Royer, SPO Music Director and Conductor, Julia Zisser, Violin, Olga Petrashkevich, violin;  David Lasker, Bass, Lisa Tahara, Piano


Danielle MacMillan, mezzo-soprano
Maghan McPhee, soprano
Odin Quartet

As a collective of artists working within a creative circle associated with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, we have asked ourselves how artists can and should respond to the times we live in. Our answer has been the one word “Hope”. Drawing on various texts from the classical to the new, and set within our own musical styles, we have  jointly conspired to infect our audiences virally with Hope.

Featuring: Danielle MacMillan, Mezzo Soprano;  Maghan McPhee, Soprano; Odin Quartet (Alex Toskov, Tanya Charles Iveniuk, Matt Antal, Samuel Bisson); Kaye Royer, Clarinet; Gilles Thibodeau, Horn; Lisa Tahara, Piano, Vanessa Yu, piano, Ronald Royer, Conductor, Ted Runcie, Conductor

Bruno Degazio:  Seven Parables of The Rising Dawn, words by St. Thomas Aquinas for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, and Chamber Ensemble (SPO Commission and Premiere)

Ronald Royer: English translation adapted from Dante Sapia of Siena and Beatrice from Women of Dante’s Divine Comedy, for Mezzo Soprano and Chamber Ensemble (SPO Commission and Premiere)

Leela Gilday, music and words, (arranged by Martin Loomer)  All Alone, for Mezzo Soprano and String Quartet

Shreya Jha, music and words, Walk with Me, for Mezzo Soprano and Piano (New Generation Composer, SPO Commission and Premiere)

Rachel McFarlane, music and words, Eternal Embrace, for Mezzo Soprano and Chamber Ensemble (New Generation Composer, SPO Commission and Premiere)

Daniel Mehdizadeh, composer Jess Azevedo, librettist, New Castles, for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, piano and cello (SPO Commission and Premiere)

Ted RuncieWhere Shadow Chases Light for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, and Chamber Ensemble (SPO Commission and Premiere)

Alexander Glazunov: Serenade for Horn and String Quartet (1884)

Mitsuko Fernandes: A Song for the SPO, for Soprano and Piano

Anika-France Forget: composer, (Aude A. Saint-Laurent, words),  I Will Whisper Your Name, a Sweet Boy’s Lullaby, for Mezzo Soprano, Cello and Piano

Ryan Fwu, composer, (Maya Toussi, words) , The Midnight Garden, for Soprano and Piano

Elienna Wang: Rosé Leaves, for Mezzo Soprano, Viola and Piano

Hsiu-Ping Patrick WuThat Last Moonlight, for Soprano, Cello and Piano

Yuhan Zhou: Tonight, for Soprano and Piano