The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra has been fortunate enough to be able to fundraise through Delta Bingo & Gaming Downsview for many years. These funds ensure that our orchestra can continue to bring top quality classical music performances and cultural opportunities to our community.

Delta Bingo & Gaming has always worked hard to provide the best gaming entertainment opportunities throughout Ontario, evolving their locations to offer the latest games in their fantastic locations. Literally millions of dollars have been raised benefitting  hundreds of charities and non-profits.

Delta Bingo & Gaming Downsview supports new c-Gaming as part of the Bingo Revitalization initiatives developed by the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association and Ontario Lottery & Gaming. The new look of the gaming centre is exciting and welcoming.

Delta Bingo & Gaming Downsview  employs a fantastic team of people who are always working hard to serve and support both the players and the charities.

Since the pandemic, Delta Bingo & Gaming has worked extremely diligently to provide a safe environment. They’ve also created new opportunities so that charities and not-for-profits could continue to raise vital funds that were needed now more than ever.

The  Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is extremely grateful to Delta Bingo & Gaming’s owners and operators for their due diligence and creative solutions in helping non-profits continue to have access to this vital source of funding. Whether restrictions have been lifted and customers were able to play indoors, or through special events like “Drive-In Bingo”, the Delta Bingo & Gaming team continued to do their best to keep moving forward.

We also appreciate the support of the Delta Bingo & Gaming Centre Downsview’s Sponsors Association for their efforts to ensure that the more than 50 licensed groups and their volunteers are also kept safe.

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra adapted better than most for our 2020/2021 Season by offering online digital content to our community, and to the world. This would not be possible without funds raised through Delta Bingo & Gaming.

These activities include an award-winning SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series, hosted by Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh, and delving deeper into the history of music, our orchestra, and our 41 year history in Scarborough, Ontario.

We also offered our SPOGreatMusic Performance Series through our YouTube channel.

In non-pandemic times, the SPO includes between 60 and 70 musicians (community amateurs and emerging professionals.) The SPO also collaborates with other community music and performing artists especially at our holiday concerts, which often featured more than 150 musicians performing for our audience. These groups include the SPO Women’s Choir and local choirs, like the Sistema Youth Choir. The SPO also offers development opportunities for young musicians and composers, principally through our New Generation Artists Program.

Because of the continuing efforts by Delta Bingo & Gaming, the SPO has been  able to keep most of our programs and opportunities alive. It also gives us the opportunity to involve as many of our regular musicians as possible in our digital season efforts and ensure that we have resources to fund expenses related to producing this online content.

Our thanks to Delta Bingo & Gaming head office staff, including past CEO Cam Johnstone and current CEO, Shawn Fisher, as well as the in-house team at the Downsview location, including Jessica and her staff, the Downsview Sponsors Assocation and Frances Manno, and charities administrator Janemarie Broderick.

We hope that, if you have the opportunity, you’ll learn more about Delta Bingo & Gaming, and visit the Downsview location to try the new games and show your support of the local charities and non-profits who benefit from these efforts. You can find the latest news and more location information on their website.

Thank you from the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra!

November 16, 2021