Sophia Wang is a Grade 11 student in University of Toronto Schools, who currently holds two ARCT diplomas for violin and piano and also plays cello. She is an orchestra member of both the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra (TSYO) and Kindred Spirits Orchestra (KSO). Sophia’s main focus has been on violin performance, competing in the national CMC finals as well as performing with TSYO and KSO as a violinist.

Sophia has also composed for strings and is a songwriter. Her musical YouTube channel has 500 subscribers and videos have over 50,000 views. She continues to workshop her compositions with her music teachers, extensively honing her skills, particularly in arrangement, and hopes one day to hear one of her pieces performed by an orchestra. 

Sophia has developed proficiency in choral and opera performance and also has theatrical experience, notably being cast in the Canadian (and world English language) première of acclaimed playwright Jordan Tannahill’s play, Is My Microphone On? In her spare time, Sophia also enjoys writing fiction, poetry, and making wire trees.

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