Composed by Bruno Degazio. Performed by Alexander Panizza (piano).

Video edited and produced by Bruno Degazio. Audio recorded and mastered by Alexander Panizza.

ABOUT THE CREATOR: Bruno Degazio is a talented Canadian composer who is also professor of Digital Tools in the Classical Animation program of Sheridan College, recently voted top animation school worldwide by Animation Career Review magazine. He has extensive experience in cinematic sound design, including special-effects for the Oscar-nominated documentary film, “The Fires of Kuwait” and music for the IMAX films “Titanica” and “CyberWorld-3D“, as well as many other films and television dramas. As a researcher in computer applications for the arts he has published papers on music composition using fractals and genetic algorithms. He is the author of “The Transformation Engine“, a software system for music composition and data sonification. He is currently investigating the algorithmic combination of OpenGL graphics with computer music composition.

Alexander Panizza is a master pianist who performs all kinds of music throughout the Americas. He also produces music performance videos. The SPO greatly appreciates the funding support for this video from: Canada Council for the Arts | Toronto Arts Council | SOCAN Foundation. To learn more about Bruno Degazio:…. To learn more about Alexander Panizza:

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