Derek Spencer, filmmaker and animator; Massimo Guida, composer This animated short film is very much a spaghetti western under the sea. A shrimp bank robber is public anenome #1 and comes face to face with the law. Who will win? Find out and have a whale of a time in the discovery. This fun film was created by a 4th Year animation student of Sheridan College Animation Program. If you are interested in becoming a great animator, visit…. Be sure to check out our SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series. Each episode has a theme, so you’ll find each engaging, with amazing interviews from musicians, people in our artistic industry and the local arts scene, experts in their field, musicologists, composers, and great Canadian talent, both established and emerging, from right here, and from around the world. FIND IT on our homebase platform: — or on major platforms including Apple, Spotify, Google, and several more.

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