BURR – Thomas Boyce (animation) Cassie Forzani (New Generation Film Composer) 

Film and Amination by Thomas Boyce; New 2022/2023 Music by Cassie Forzani.

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is proud to present new music for animated short films as part of our 2022/2023 New Generation Film Composer’s Workshop, funded in part by RBC Foundation, Gooder Foundation, and SOCAN Foundation. To learn more about the composer, Cassie Forzani, visit: https://spo.ca/cassie-forzani/. About the animator: Thomas Boyce is a Sheridan College Animation graduate who specialize in character animation. Mostly working with 2d rigs, but also has experience in a variety of other animation mediums. Currently working as a 2d animator at Pipeline Studios and has recently worked on the YTV show ‘Super Wish’. Portfolio Website: https://thomasboyce.wixsite.com/portf…. YouTube:    / dinorpg  .

We appreciate the support of our partners at Sheridan College Animation School (Oakville), the Canadian Music Centre, and the Odin Quartet. https://www.sheridancollege.ca/progra…https://on.cmccanada.org/http://odinquartet.com/