Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is pleased to introduce this years slate of New Generation Film Composers participating in the 2022-23 program, run in partnership with Sheridan College’s internationally recognized film animation program.

The program. will formally kick off January 31, 2023, with an introductory workshop on the topic of  the technology workflow used in modern media-music composition. The presenter will be Charles Finlay, Coordinator of Sheridan College’s Music Scoring for Stage and Screen (MSSS) program. 

During the program, participants will all compose an original score for an animated short that will be performed, recorded and film-edited for a published final product. 

Taking the lead on delivering the program is composer and Sheridan professor, Bruno Degazio .  Professional composers serving as mentors for the program are: 

  • Virginia Kilbertus
  • Aaron Tsang
  • Jim McGrath
  • Charles Finlay 

Video Showcases from past seasons' New Generation Film Composer Program

This program is made possible through the generosity of: 

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