WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Composed by ICOT (Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto; Saman Shahi, Keyan Emami, and Maziar Heidari); Performed by Odin Quartet (Alex Toskov, violin / Tanya Charles Iveniuk, violin / Rae Gallimore, viola / Samuel Bisson, cello).

Audio recorded at Desert Fish Studios, Toronto (Jeff Wolpert, Engineer). Audio edited by Brandon Walker. Audio produced by Ronald Royer. Video edited and produced by Naghmeh Ghasemzadeh. ——————————————

NOTES FROM THE COMPOSERS: “Oasis” in three movements is a composition by members of ICOT (Saman Shahi, Keyan Emami, Maziar Heidari) for string quartet. The piece explores the vagueness and intangibility of mirages in both physical and spiritual realms. While aspects of the piece have inspirations from poetry and other extra musical sources, the composition is mostly an abstract expression of what oasis means to each composer in their own personal ways. Toronto-based artist Naghmeh Ghasemzadeh also added her own layer of artistry by creating video art for the piece using patterns, textures, visual loops, and abstract imagery. “This video includes footage, textures and visual loops from its creator (NAG). In addition, still images from Unsplash website were used to create some of the visual loops.

The still images were created by: Alexander Ant, Pawel Czerwinski, Ricardo-Gomez-Angel, Christopher Burns, Casey Horner and Hao Wang.”