Composed by Alex Sandoval. Performed by Ronald Royer (cello) and Talisa Blackman (piano).

Audio recorded by Jeff Wolpert (Desert Fish Studios, Toronto). Audio mixed by Bruno Degazio. Video created and edited by Devin Scott (Executive Director, The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra; Executive Producer/Editor, SPOGreatMusic Digital) Alex Sandoval is a talented composer who has been part of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Generation composer’s program. “Immortal Stone” was composed by Alex based on inspirations drawn from his visits to Casa Loma, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A portion of the funding for Alex’s composition and SPO-related projects comes from the Toronto Arts Council, SOCAN Foundation, and the Canada Council for the Arts. The SPO greatly appreciates this support of our programs and our focus on Canadian composers and talent.