Harris Clark, composer, performer, producer.

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is pleased to present new music from young Canadian composer, Mr. Harris Clark, as part of our ongoing SPO New Generation Composers Workshop activities. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, Mr. Clark used electronic sound generators to produce and record this selection. Mr. Clark also created the video to accompany his music. Here’s a brief message from Mr. Clark: “I created the song first, and I wanted it to be exciting and energetic. I also wanted to use a few different sounds, such as the piano and various electronic instruments. Then, I was invited by the SPO to create a video to go along with the music. It tells the story of a man getting out of work for the weekend, going to a party, and on the next day, going for a walk in the Guild Park and Gardens in Scarborough.” Image and video attributions are included in the video.