If you’ve visited spo.ca over the past few days, you have seen that our new 2020/2021 online season information has been posted. While there’s still a few pages to add, including a more indepth Podcast episode guide, the update has gone well. You may also notice that our slider images on our homepage may be acting “funky” on your device. We’re working on this issue and hope to have it solved soon. Sometimes a plug-in update presents one with a complete new interface, and a steeper-than-expected learning curve. Please bear with us. The great news is that most of our website has been updated with the details you all want to know. We hope you are all excited for what we will be presenting. Special thanks to our Music Director, Mr. Ronald Royer, for his excellent programming (or re-programming) for our coming season. Thanks also to our digital production team, including our Executive Director, Devin Scott, and to a new SPO team member, Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh. Daniel was brought in as our composer-in-residence, and has been a tremendous asset to our Podcast team. He not only offered to be our podcast host, but also figured out some of the new tech involved in podcasting. It’s really amazing how much our initial plans have evolved so quickly, thanks to great feedback from our team and SPO family. We also look forward to involving as many of our SPO musicians as possible throughout the season. Looking for more, just search SPOGreatMusic on your favourite search engine and you’ll find great stuff. #SPOGreatMusic.

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