Composing music for an animated film is among the most complex, time consuming and technically challenging project a film composer can face. From Walt Disney’s developments in the field to present day work, go behind the scenes with composers who have experience in the field. Featuring interviews with film composers Jim McGrath, Bruno Degazio and more. This podcast is part of a YouTube project which includes Sheridan College student animated short films with music created by SPO related composers.

Part 1 explores how composers approach writing music for animated film, along with Canadian contributions to the genre from Sheridan College and the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Guest host and composer Ronald Royer interviews film composers Bruno Degazio and Jim McGrath.

Part 2 will look at the history of Hollywood cartoons and music featuring noted professor Daniel Goldmark, author of “Tunes for ‘Toons: Music and the Hollywood Cartoon” (California, 2005).

This podcast episode features brief music and audio from the animated short film, Ramon The Magnificent, created by Sheridan College Animation graduate, Vladimir Volkov, with new 2020 music by composer, Ronald Royer. Used with permission.

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