Composer, Bruno Degazio; Performed by Odin Quartet Suite from “The Pearl” Part I: When I Was a Little Child, Lost in Egypt / from the newly released CD, “Journey Through Night”, available now to stream:

Notes from the Composer: “The Pearl tells the story of a young prince sent to Egypt by his parents to recover a great treasure, a pearl, from the coils of a dragon. It is a middle-eastern folk-tale dating from the first century, preserved in the apocryphal Gnostic scripture called The Acts of Thomas the Apostle. The great 20th century psychologist C.G. Jung says of the story on which this piece is based: In the Gnostic hymn to the soul, the son is sent forth by his parents to seek the pearl that fell from the King’s crown. It lies… guarded by a dragon, in the land of the Egyptians — that land of fleshpots and drunkenness with all its material and spiritual riches. The son and heir sets out to fetch the jewel, but forgets himself and his task in the orgies of Egyptian worldliness, until a letter from his father reminds him what his duty is. He then sets out for the water and plunges into the dark depths of the well, where he finds the pearl on the bottom, and in the end offers it to the highest divinity. This hymn, ascribed to Bardesanes (ca. 150), dates from an age that resembled ours in more than one respect. Mankind looked and waited….(for a)…symbol of the saviour, the bringer of healing. This video is based on the music for Part 1 of the Suite written for Toronto’s Odin Quartet in 2018. It illustrates the first part of the story, where our young hero embarks on his mission, but quickly becomes disoriented and loses his way. The artwork was created by Denzel Avila during an artist’s internship with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra in the summer of 2021, supplemented by additional artwork from University of Toronto Schools graduate, Viola Schmid. Special thanks to Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, for making possible the Artist Internship through which he artwork was created.”

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