Esther Cheng, filmmaker and animator; Sergei Kofman, music composer As a storm threathens Hong Kong in 1976, a young girl dreams of airplanes. In a different apartment on the same floor, a young boy comes across a dragonfly which ends up having an impact on both the boy and the girl. This interesting animated short film was created by a 4th Year animation student of Sheridan College Animation Program. If you are interested in becoming a great animator, visit…. ———————– The talented music composer, Sergei Kofman, has been part of the SPO family for a few years now, having started in the New Generation Composers Workshop. Sergei has scored three Sheridan Shorts this season. A great respresentation of his abilities and diversity. Check out the other two shorts he’s scored this season: “The Casebook of Nips & Porkington”, which we posted with our S41E02 content. Here’s the link:    • The Casebook of N…   “Oh, Sheet!”, which we posted with our S41E11 content. Here’s the link:    • Oh, Sheet – Anima…  . Learn more about Sergei Kofman on his website:​.

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