OF WISDOM – Lauren Greenberg – Odin Quartet 

Odin Quartet perform "Of Wisdom" by Lauren Greenberg

Composed by Lauren Greenberg.

Performed by Odin Quartet (Alex Toskov, violin; Tanya Charles Iveniuk, violin; Rae Gallimore, viola; Samuel Bisson, cello.

Audio recorded by Desert Fish Studios (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Audio mixed and mastered by Brandon Walker. Video edited and produced by Devin Scott.

ABOUT THE COMPOSER: Lauren Greenberg was born in 2001 and is from Toronto, Canada. She began piano lessons at the age of 5, and has completed her Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Level 9 Piano, RCM Level 9 Harmony, and RCM Level 8 Theory. Lauren began her musical composition studies in 2014. Most recently she was a student of the eminent Canadian composer Kevin Lau. During the summer of 2018, Lauren attended the High School Composition Intensive Program at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Music in Composition Degree Program at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Lauren has composed a variety of musical pieces across classical and modern genres, and her works have been performed in Toronto, Ottawa, and Boston. She studied the flute and vocals at her high school where she was a member of the Junior, Senior, and Jazz Bands. Lauren was also a member of the school choirs in both high school and in grade school. She played the piano for her high school musicals, vocal performances, and assemblies. In 2019, Lauren was the recipient of the Music Award – Lisa-Ann Lauren Posluns Memorial Endowment Fund, for her exemplary contribution to the school’s music program during her four years of study.

ABOUT THE PERFORMERS: Odin Quartet has become one of Canada’s most popular and sought-after string quartets. The Odins have been the ensemble-in-residence of the SPO since 2017. There’s so much more to learn and appreciate about the Odins, so visit their links below.

PROGRAM NOTES FROM LAUREN GREENBERG: This music is inspired by the Odin Quartet (Odin, known as the god of wisdom). I adopted that name as the title. Learn more about Lauren Greenberg: https://laurengreenbergmusic.com/ | https://acwc.ca/auren-greenberg |    / @laurengreenbergm…  . Learn more about Odin Quartet: http://odinquartet.com/.

HALLUCINATIONS – Daniel Mehdizadeh – Alexander Panizza

Composed by Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh. Performed by Alexander Panizza (piano).

Video edited and produced by Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh. Audio recorded by Alexander Panizza. Audio mixed and mastered by Devin Scott.

ABOUT THE CREATOR: There is something vividly distinct about Daniel Mehdizadeh’s music. This Canadian composer is revered for his intricate, unpredictable and haunting works. The sound and gesture of his pieces bury themselves deep in complex imagination, participating you in an exploration of uncertain visceral implications.

ABOUT THE PERFORMER: Alexander Panizza is an extremely talented master pianist who has been very generous in his work with the SPO, especially during the pandemic and lockdown years here in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Alexander performs (and has multiple fans) through the Americas. He not only performs some of the most challenging classical music pieces, but is also versatile in many genres and styles of piano music.

The SPO is extremely grateful for the funding support of: Canada Council for the Arts | Toronto Arts Council | SOCAN Foundation.

Learn more about Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh: https://www.danielmehdizadeh.com/home.

Learn more about Alexander Panizza: http://alexanderpanizza.com/.

CALL OF THE PAPER KITE – Kevin Zi-Xiao He – Alexander Panizza

Composed by Kevin Zi-Xiao He. Performed by Alexander Panizza (piano).

Audio recorded and mastered by Alexander Panizza.

Video edited by Xu Zhiwei.

ABOUT THE COMPOSER: Kevin Zi-Xiao He is a Chinese-born composer who immigrated to Canada in his mid-teen years. With a particular interest in popular and traditional music of East Asia, Kevin has studied with renowned figures such as Gary Kulesha and Alexander Rapoport. His works have been showcased in international new music festivals in North America, Asia, and Europe. Kevin is a current doctoral candidate in composition in the studio of Dr. Christos Hatzis, at the University of Toronto.

ABOUT THE PERFORMER: Alexander Panizza is a master pianist who is known throughout the Americas for his incredible interpretations of great classical works, as well as other genres and style of piano music.

PROGRAM NOTES FROM MR. HE: “Call of the Paper Kite”, composed in 2014, was inspired by a vague fragment of my memory of a movie scene I had watched as a young child: during WWII in Northeastern China, the commander of the Japanese army brought his daughter, a six year old girl, who became friends with a Chinese orphan boy. The two children, against all odds of war and brutality, beyond the barrier of language and nationality, saw the most innocent and pure friendship blossom between them, flying a paper kite together every day, into sunset…

The SPO is very grateful for the funding support for this work and other projects from: Canada Council for the Arts | Toronto Arts Council | SOCAN Foundation.

To learn more about Kevin Zi-Xiao He: https://www.hezixiao.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/kevinhezixiao/ |    / @hezixiao  .

To learn more about Alexander Panizza: http://alexanderpanizza.com/.

RUBATO ROBOTO – Bruno Degazio – Alexander Panizza

Composed by Bruno Degazio. Performed by Alexander Panizza (piano).

Video edited and produced by Bruno Degazio. Audio recorded and mastered by Alexander Panizza.

ABOUT THE CREATOR: Bruno Degazio is a talented Canadian composer who is also professor of Digital Tools in the Classical Animation program of Sheridan College, recently voted top animation school worldwide by Animation Career Review magazine. He has extensive experience in cinematic sound design, including special-effects for the Oscar-nominated documentary film, “The Fires of Kuwait” and music for the IMAX films “Titanica” and “CyberWorld-3D“, as well as many other films and television dramas. As a researcher in computer applications for the arts he has published papers on music composition using fractals and genetic algorithms. He is the author of “The Transformation Engine“, a software system for music composition and data sonification. He is currently investigating the algorithmic combination of OpenGL graphics with computer music composition.

Alexander Panizza is a master pianist who performs all kinds of music throughout the Americas. He also produces music performance videos. The SPO greatly appreciates the funding support for this video from: Canada Council for the Arts | Toronto Arts Council | SOCAN Foundation. To learn more about Bruno Degazio: http://sheridan4thyear.blogspot.com/p…. To learn more about Alexander Panizza: http://alexanderpanizza.com/.

SPIN – Abigail Richardson-Schulte (music) | Meghan Cheng (animation)

Film by Meghan Cheng; New 2022/2023 Music by Abigail Richardson-Schulte. Performed by Alexander Panizza (piano).

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is proud to present new music for animated short films as part of our 2022/2023 New Generation Film Composer’s Workshop, funded in part by RBC Foundation, Gooder Foundation, and SOCAN Foundation.

ABOUT THE COMPOSER: Abigail Richardson-Schulte has been Composer-In-Residence for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra since 2012 and teaches composition at the University of Toronto. Prize wins include the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers and a Dora Award for Best New Opera. Her orchestral hit, “The Hockey Sweater”, has had over 180 performances in Canada and a dozen performances in France, often with Abigail hosting from the stage.

ABOUT THE FILM MAKER: Meghan is a creative technologist and violinist. She creates artwork in the form of light and sound sculptures and screen-based work for live performances, galleries and public spaces. Meghan codes and uses computer programs in conjunction with hand-drawn images, photography to make tangible, digital art.

ABOUT THE PERFORMER: Alexander Panizza is an incredibly talented master pianist who regularly performs throughout the Americas. The SPO is extremely grateful to Alexander and his family for their support of our musical adventures, especially during the pandemic lockdown years here in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Devin Scott is currently Executive Director of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Executive Producer/Editor of SPOGreatMusic Digital. To learn more about the composer, Abigail Richardson-Schulte, visit: http://abigailrichardson.com/. To learn more about the film maker: https://www.meghancheng.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/meghanbcheng/. To learn more about the performer: http://alexanderpanizza.com/. We appreciate the support of our partners at Sheridan College Animation School (Oakville), the Canadian Music Centre, and the Odin Quartet. https://www.sheridancollege.ca/progra… https://on.cmccanada.org/ http://odinquartet.com/

MUTABILITY – Elizabeth Raum – Alexander Panizza

Composed by Elizabeth Raum; Performed by Alexander Panizza, piano Video and audio recording and editing by Alexander Panizza. Post-Porduction video editing by Eero Daniel-Raum

Programme notes from the composer: Jane Gordon, the lady for whom Mutability was written, commissioned this piece as a present to herself for her 60th birthday. The reason for the commission is best described in her own words. The following is a letter I received from Jane on July 2, 2002: “In my non-musical life I am a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. Although I had piano lessons as a child, I gave it up as soon as I could. However, I kept the piano and the books and at age 55 (after I’d finished years of paying for my children’s lessons, from the cultural to the athletic) I decided it was my turn and I started piano again. In my scholarly work, I have spent most of my academic career looking at issues around women’s lives, particularly the paid and unpaid work women do, in the academy and in the home and my research is tied to my teaching areas, primarily the family and work. …as a tie in with my academic interests, I began to learn what I could by Canadian women composers. Last year, as part of the Mount’s celebration of International Women’s Week, I arranged a short performance and lecture called “Canadian Women of Note”. In my recent Grade 7 exam I did (from the old Royal Conservatory syllabus) a study by Nancy Telfer and “Sparks” by Barbara Pentland. In my observation, the experience of women composers parallels that of women in other professional areas: less visible, less valued. I try to use my music (and I am really just an intermediate level student) to share the work of contemporary Canadian women composers, though most of the ‘sharing’ is recitals organized by my teacher and university based opportunities, such as the community hobby and talent show.” Before I began working on this piece for Jane, I found myself drawn to a book of poems by Shelley and upon opening it, the first poem that caught my eye was Mutability. This poem became the inspiration for Jane’s new work for piano.

MUTABILITY — by Percy Bysshe Shelley

We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon;

How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver,

Streaking the darkness radiantly! -yet soon

Night closes round, and they are lost for ever:

Or like forgotten lyres, whose dissonant strings

Give various response to each varying blast,

To whose frail frame no second motion brings

One mood or modulation like the last.

We rest. A dream has power to poison sleep;

We rise. One wandering thought pollutes the day;

We feel, conceive or reason, laugh or weep;

Embrace fond woe, or cast our cares away:

It is the same! For, be it joy or sorrow,

The path of its departure still is free:

Man’s yesterday may ne’er be like his morrow;

Nought may endure but Mutablilty.

For more information on the composer, Elizabeth Raum: https://elizabethraum.com/.

For more information on the pianist, Alexander Panizza: http://alexanderpanizza.com/.

INTERMEZZO No. 1 – Anne Lauber – Maximos Farmakidis with Dimitra Maragnozis –

INTERMEZZO No. 1 from Three Intermezzos for Double Bass and Piano; composed by Anne Lauber; Performed by Maximos Farmakidis (Double Bass) and Dimitra Marangozis (Piano).

About the composer: ANNE LAUBER was born in Switzerland and lives in Québec, Canada. As a conductor she is often invited to conduct her own works. She received numerous grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Québec Ministry of Culture, CBC Radio Canada, etc.. Her son Tristan Lauber is a successful concert pianist and piano teacher. *

** D’origine Suisse, ANNE LAUBER habite au Québec, Canada. En tant que compositeur et chef d’orchestre, elle est souvent invitée à diriger ses propres oeuvres. Elle a reçu de nombreuses subventions du Conseil des Arts du Canada, du Ministère des Affaires Culturelles du Québec, et de la société Radio Canada . Son fils Tristan Lauber est un excellent pianiste de concert et professeur de piano. [by/par http://www.tristanlauber.com] Learn more about Anne Lauber: https://www.annelauber.com/.

SPO Re-stream of our Sat-Sep-24 Live Concert 

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra and Dancing Damsels proudly present this re-stream of our Sat-Sep-24-2022 live concert, “Mixing It Up!”. Enjoy the wonderful music performed by: Alexander Panizza (piano), Odin Quartet (Alex Toskov, Tanya Charles Iveniuk, Matt Antal, Samuel Bisson), Ronald Royer (cello), Kaye Royer (clarinet), Declan Scott (trumpet), and Larkin Hinder (bassoon). While this concert was live-streamed to YouTube and Facebook on Sep-24, due to technical issues, not everyone was able to access the stream as expected, or at the time we expected. This concert was made possible in part by Dancing Damsels and their grant from Canadian Heritage. We appreciate this partnership and the wonderful team at Dancing Damsels Inc., with support from Jaison Mathew (Director, Dancing Damsels and Director, Canadian Multicultural News). Additional funding support from Toronta Arts Council. Performed live at Kingston Road United Church.

Streamed by Ars Musica: Colin Mendez Morris (Director, Camera Operator rear, Live Switching), Carson Davidson (Camera Operator right, file transfers), and Kareem Mansour (Camera Operator left). Additional video and audio post-production by Devin Scott.

0:00 Three minute countdown

3:00 Introduction and O, Canada (Devin Scott, SPO Executive Director)

5:45 Welcome message (Mary Ashok, Dancing Damsels)

11:13 Introduction to “La Revue de Cuisine” (Ronald Royer, SPO Music Director & Conductor)

14:19 “La Revue de Cuisine” (The Kitchen Revue) – Bohuslav Martinů

26:03 Introduction to “Danzon Nicaraguense” (Alex Sandoval, composer) World Premiere

27:27 “Danzon Nicaraguense” 32:34 Introduction to “Images” by Saman Shahi (on behalf of ICOT composers)

34:25 i: “Dunes” – Maziar Heidari, ICOT

36:56 ii: “Canabrake” – Keyan Emami, ICOT

39:10 iii: “Carnival” – Saman Shahi, ICOT

42:13 Introduction of Alexander Panizza (Ronald Royer)

44:11 “Danza de la Moza Donosa” from “3 Danzas Argentinas, Op. 2” – Alberto Ginistera

48:18 “Alborada del Gracioso” – Maurice Ravel

55:53 Introduction of Odin Quartet (Alex Toskov)

57:31 “Slavonic Dance No. 2 in E minor, Op. 72” – Antonín Dvořák

1:02:37 Introduction to “Musical Angels” (Ronald Royer, composer) World Premiere

1:05:35 “Musical Angels”

1:14:58 Introduction to “Final Variant Dance” by Samuel Bisson (Rachel Ray McFarlane, composer)

1:16:19 “Final Variant Dance”

1:18:52 Introduction to “Lullaby Liaisons” (Kye Marshall, composer)

1:23:18 “Lullaby Liaisons”

1:30:01 Introduction of final four pieces from popular films (Ronald Royer)

1:32:22 “With Malice Toward None” from “Lincoln” – John Williams

1:37:40 “Cantina Band” from “Star Wars Ep. IV – A New Hope” – John Williams

1:40:38 Medley of “O, Saya”, “Latika’s Theme”, and “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire” – A. R. Rahman, Arranged by Larry Moore 1:46:21 Closing Remarks (Ronald Royer)

1:47:34 “Viktor’s Tale” from “The Terminal” – John Williams

1:52:08 Closing Credits #SPOGreatMusic #DancingDamsels #MixingItUp

EMERGENCE – Adam Taback (New Generation Composer) – Odin Quartet

EMERGENCE; composed by Adam Taback; Performed by Odin Quartet (Alex Toskov, violin / Tanya Charles Iveniuk, violin / Matt Antal, viola / Samuel Bisson, cello).

This composition is presented as part of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Generation Composer’s Workshop activities from our 2021/2022 season. Due to the pandemic, finishing audio recording and video editing delayed the release of these NGCW works. The SPO is pleased to have completed this core project and we appreciate the patience of the composers involved with this project, as well as the outstanding efforts made by the musicians and editors. Please remember to subscribe to our channel and add your comments about this piece and performance. We know Adam will appreciate it!

The 2021/2022 New Generation Composer’s Workshop is sponsored and funded in part by SOCAN Foundation and the Toronto Arts Council.