I was twelve when my parents told me I couldn’t be a Jedi when I grew up. So, I decided, I wanted to be a film composer.

Since then, I had the honor of scoring short 4 films in 2023: Cash Cow, by Shubham Chhabra, screened at VAFF (Vancouver Asian Film Festival); The Gift Of Life by Aviel Kurulkar, screened at the GRFF (Grand River Film Festival); and films with the Vancouver Film School and Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design.

Outside of film, my pieces premiered in the Nocturne Halifax Arts Festival (2023) and the Open Waters Festival (2024).  Additionally, I wrote for the Alkali Collective (2023) and The Rostova Quartet (2024).

Currently, I study Composition with Amy Brandon at Dalhousie University, where I have participated in workshops with The Bozzini Quartet and Conductor Karl Hizer.

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