Celebrating our 40th Anniversary – FINALLY!

The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra is proud to present our sixth episode of our #SPOGreatMusic Podcast Series — our SPECIAL 40th ANNIVERSARY episode! We had hoped to celebrate this milestone with all of you in April of this year, but the pandemic shut things down, fast. No Beethoven’s 9th with the Toronto Choral Society. No balloons. No cake. And no you.

Well, we’ve really turned lemons into lemonade with this special episode, bringing you great interviews with people who lived, or are living, the rich history which is the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra. Thanks to all of our special guests who participated, including past Music Directors Chris Kitts, Jerome Summers, and John Barnum; longtime musicians, Robert Ketchen, Wendy Frey, and Lesley Duff; Allan Shantz, who performed at the very first SPO concert; and President Emeritus, Paul Bolton.

We’ll also be releasing a further special episode to celebrate 40 years, featuring amazing anecdotes and stories from more of our SPO family members through the years. So, stay tuned!

Special thanks to our Digital Production Team who are really going all out for the SPO, including our podcast host and 2020/2021 Composer-in-Residence, Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh, our Music Director, Ronald Royer, and our Executive Director, Devin Scott.

This episode is, well, one for the history books!!!   Check out the episode now!

Celebrating the SPO’s 40th Anniversary Online

Discover the 40-year history of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra. The triumphs and challenges, as well as the passion and love for great music that has sustained the orchestra through the decades. There will be several interviews featuring musicians, SPO music directors and other members from the SPO community. Special thanks to our 2020/2021 Music Director, Conductor, and podcast Producer, Ronald Royer, and Executive Director and podcast Executive Producer, Devin Scott, for all their hard work keeping our history moving forward.

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Beethoven, The Man and His Chamber Music, Part 2

Beethoven’s life, his personality, his daily schedule, his favourite foods, and influences on his life and music will be discussed. We will examine what inspired and motivated Beethoven, leading him to create some of the most famous and popular classical music of all time. Included will be a discussion of his chamber music, including interviews with University of Toronto Music Professor Dr. Alexander Rapoport, SPO music director Ronald Royer, SPO Artist-in-Residence Dr. Lisa Tahara and pianist Alexander Panizza.

Part 2 examines Beethoven’s mid to late works. Make sure to also listen to Part 1, focusing on Beethoven’s early life and career. Excerpts from the piano sonatas are recorded by Alexander Panizza.

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